Julia Graf

(née Glock)

With us since: Spring 2010

Plays and roles:
Metamorphoses (Oread)
Lysistrata (Cynthia, female chorus)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Mad Hattress, Three of Hearts)
RWTH Science Night 2011: Death Actually (Cleopatra)
Death Actually (Maori)
The Tempest (Sebastiana)
Robin Hood (King Richard)
Death on the Mississippi (Co-Director)

Favorite quotes:
“Gary Coooooper!” (Cynthia, Lysistrata)
“… pocket full of starlight!” (Mad Hattress, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)
“Do you wanna know what it tastes like?” (Sebastiana, The Tempest)

Favorite backstage snack:
sour drops

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
crazy, dancing, eating

The hardest part so far:
trying to not mingle the Mad Hatress (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) with every other character

The best part so far:
stepping onstage the first time

Greetings to:
Stefan, Wolle and Tatiana 😀