The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

by Jon Jory
based on the stories
by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

October 26 – July 29, 2023 

“You know my methods, Watson” —

and we all know Sherlock Holmes. Actor’s Nausea brings the world-famous detective to Aachen’s Space (Ludwig Forum) with five short stories. Who threatens John Openshaw with five orange pips? Who has stolen the blue carbuncle? And who has murdered the family Tregennis? These are some of the mysteries Holmes and his faithful friend Watson set out to solve. But Holmes wouldn’t be Holmes if he wasn’t like a chameleon – and so you will encounter a different Holmes and a different Watson in each of the five short stories. The stories, adapted for the stage by American author Jon Jory, are very faithful to the original – and yet offer new aspects!

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