Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe - Poster by Lilian KojanNightfall with Edgar Allan Poe

by Eric Coble

July 5 -8, 2018

Edgar Allan Poe is said to be one of the pioneers of gothic, horror, science fiction, and fantastic literature. The fascinating aspects of his work are suspense, underlying thrill, and electrifying moments of terror. Always seeking for the critical confrontation with the society of his time, he tries to analyse the human mind. Even today, Poe‘s writings are a source of inspiration for various authors, playwrights, and screenwriters, as the authors of the Saw series for instance. The four short stories compiled by Eric Coble and adapted for stage in Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe are among the best known and most appreciated of Poe’s narrations. The predominant theme that can be found in all of them is loss. In The Raven, it’s the loss of love, in The Fall of the House of Usher, the Usher family experiences the loss of their reputation, while The Pit and the Pendulum describes the deprivation of liberty, and finally, The Tell- Tale Heart depicts the way to insanity, that is, the loss of the mind.

Concept, (Art) Directors

René Glebke, Fynn Fabry


The Raven

Poe – Nilda Kipi
Poe’s Reason – Frederike Heuer
Poe’s Fear – René Glebke
The Raven – Fynn Fabry
Director – Eva Johanna Onkels

The Fall of the House Usher

Edgar – Eva Johanna Onkels
Roderick Usher – Fynn Fabry
Madeline Usher – Lilian Kojan
Director – René Glebke

The Pit and the Pendulum

Poe – Lilian Kojan
Sante – Fynn Fabry
Director – René Glebke

The Tell-Tale Heart

Poe– René Glebke
Old Lady – Eva Johanna Onkels
Policeman #1 – Frederike Heuer
Policeman #2 – Nilda Kipi
Director – Fynn Fabry


Fynn Fabry


René Glebke, Eva Johanna Onkels

Make-up & Hair

Lilian Kojan


Matthias Schaffrath

Sound effects

Jens Wischnewsky, Eva Johanna Onkels


Eva Johanna Onkels

Posters and Programme

Lilian Kojan
Fynn Fabry

Public relations

Christine Knorr, Eva Johanna Onkels


Fynn Fabry, René Glebke, Eva Johanna Onkels, Elisabeth Raasch, Christine Knorr


René Glebke

Special thanks to

Kulturbetrieb der Stadt Aachen; Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst; RWTH Aachen Institut für Anglistik,  Amerikanistik und Romanistik (IfAAR); die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der Bibliothek der Anglistik, Prof.
Dr. Peter Wenzel, Prof. Dr. Stella Neumann, Jitka Krützen, Sandra Meis (Stadt Aachen), Lehrstuhl für Kommunikation und Verteilte Systeme der RWTH Aachen: Prof. Dr. Klaus Wehrle, Bestattungen Wolters, Thomas Bender, Matthias Schaffrath, Lars und Elisabeth Raasch, Rolf Everding (WEG Merowinger Residenz), Stoffe Mommertz, Stefan Kinting (Grotesque Absinth-Bar), Jens Wischnewsky, Maria Collée, Yannik Schornstein,  Christine Knorr, Bianca Schüller, Birgit Alewelt and to all those supporting us in making the magic of theatre happen again.


by Thomas Bender