Elisabeth Raasch

(née Kuth)

With us since: 2005

Plays and roles: 
Arsenic and Old Lace (Mr. Gibbs)
Murder by Death (Marcel Cassette)
Maskerade (Coachmen, Ballet Girl, Audience Person)
The Crucible (Betty)
Pride and Prejudice (Backstage)
Dear Octopus (Scrap)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Cobweb)
Metamorphoses (Laundress / Narrator)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Mouse, King of Hearts)
Death Actually (Ghost)
The Tempest (Director)
RWTH Science Night 2012: English Through the Ages (Director)
Robin Hood (Director)
Dead White Males (Director)
Antigone (Director)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Director)
RWTH Science Night 2016: Say Goodbye the English Way (Director)
A Tomb with a View (Director)
RWTH Science Night 2017: Keep It Short – A Night of Short Plays (Bree)
Macbeth (Director)

Favorite Quotes: 
“When you hear the word concept in theatre, you know you’re in deep shit…!”
“Opera works, because a large number of things amazingly fail to go wrong.” (Salzella, Maskerade)

Favorite backstage snack:
everything! (except liquorice)

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
fun, mad, team

The hardest part so far:
compile the cast, because you have to not only think about who is best in which part, but also (and this is the hardest part) how the cast works as a whole

The best part so far:
moments when you observe that the audience is lost in the atmospere and does not notice anymore that on the floor above the stage is a wedding 🙂 and of course being director for the first time and realising that everything works and everything comes together in the end

she has a serious need to feed all her actors with pie, muffins and cake, so noone is hungry backstage

Greetings to:
everyone who visited us once or who wants to see the next show. Especially our “hard core fans” who visit us everytime. Thank you! It’s nice to see all of you again everytime!