Kill Me, Deadly
June, 21st – June, 24th 2019

Quiet jazz music and singing can be heard from a bar, dark figures strolling through equally dark, smoky alleys. A car door slams dully, a Buick LaSalle rushes past, somewhere in the distance you can hear the sound of the sea. The famous Hollywood letters float above all of them, as prophetic as they are threatening. In this world, the Los Angeles of the 40s, lives and works private detective Charlie Nickels, who has to solve the murder of an old lady. A complicated undertaking, because everyone who had contact with the lady has a strong motive for murder…

Bill Robens’ “Kill me, deadly” enchants not only fans of this genre with a lot of noir-feeling and a fantastically beautiful text. The us-American author mixes the ingredients of a classic Crime Noir Story with modern comedy, works with both genres and manages to never let his play lose the necessary seriousness despite parodistic interludes. A must for all Crime Noir fans and those who want to become one.

When: Friday, June, 21st until Monday, June 24th, in the evenings (Fri, Sat, Mon: 20:00, Sun: 18:00)
Where: Klangbrücke, Altes Kurhaus (near “Bushof” main bus station), Aachen

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We look forward to welcoming you to our performances of “Kill Me, Deadly”!

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