Jane Eyre

by Christina Calvit
based on the novel
by Charlotte Brontë

July 14 – July 17, 2022

The past is a ghost, the future a dream and all we ever have is now.

Orphaned at a young age, this play follows the story of Jane Eyre, who overcomes her abusive and lonely youth by finding accomplishment in her position as a governess at Thornfield Hall, the home of the charming and mysterious Edward Rochester. She is drawn to the Master of the house, but a secret of his past threatens to destroy their future. As Jane learns to leave the ghosts of her own past behind in pursuit of the happiness she seeks, new found family, an inheritance, two proposals and a devastating house fire turn her life upside down, shaping her into the independent, free spirited woman she always wanted to be.

Christina Calvit’s adaptation of Charlotte Brontë’s famous novel Jane Eyre follows the original story, but also focuses on Jane’s gradual ability to shed the ghosts of her past to become an icon of early feminism.


Jane Eyre – Katharina Kröcker
Edward Rochester – René Glebke
St John Rivers – Vinay Krupakaran

Helen Burns – Claudia Roth
Mrs Reed – Marie Hermanns
Mr Brocklehurst – Yannick David Schornstein
Mrs Fairfax – Eva Johanna Onkels
Adele Varens – Lisa Gartz
Grace Poole – Andrea Roth
Blanche Ingram – Marie Hermanns
Mary Ingram – Andrea Roth
Lady Ingram – Claudia Roth
Amy Eshton – Eva Johanna Onkels
Richard Mason – Vinay Krupakaran
Dr Carter – Dario Rolf
Reverend Wood – Yannick David Schornstein
Bertha Rochester – Lisa Gartz
Hannah – Marie Hermanns
Diana Rivers – Eva Johanna Onkels
Mary Rivers – Claudia Roth
Townsperson / Porter – Dario Rolf


Katharina Kröcker, Eva Johanna Onkels

Make-up and Hair

Katharina Kröcker


Claudia Roth
Vinay Krupakaran


Emilie Pan

Posters and Programme

Thomas Bender, Katharina Kröcker

Public Relations

Eva Johanna Onkels, Katharina Kröcker


René Glebke, Eva Johanna Onkels, Elisabeth Raasch, Katharina Kröcker

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by Thomas Bender