Fynn Fabry

Real-life occupation:
Mathematics/Physics teacher studies

With us since:
September 2017

Plays and roles:
RWTH Science Night 2017 (Beverly in “The Chocolate Affair)
Macbeth (Witch #3, Murderer #3, Fleance, An Old Man, Son of Macduff)
Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe (Raven/ Roderick Usher/ Sante/ director)

Favourite quotes:
“Things without all remedy should be without regard.” Lady Macbeth, Macbeth
“There’s warrant in that theft, that steals itself when there’s no mercy left.” Malcolm, Macbeth
“I will drain him dry as hay. I’ll do, I’ll do and I’ll do.” Witch #1, Macbeth

Favourite backstage snack:
Pizza rolls with mushrooms

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
Emotional, Excitement, Engagement

The hardest part so far:
not to laugh backstage while something funny is happening on stage

The best part so far:
throwing candy at Marcos

~50% chance that I have that weird thing we could use as a prop lying around somewhere at home.
Can fix your hardware malfunctions by just coming over and having you try to show me the problem.