Christine Knorr

Real-life occupation:
Translator and postgraduate in French literary studies

With us since:

Plays and roles: 
Lysistrata (Backstage)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (2nd Director)
Death Actually (Backstage)
The Tempest (Alonsa)
RWTH Science Night 2012: English Through the Ages (Mary Shelley / Guide)
Robin Hood (Backstage)
RWTH Science Night 2013: Ten Minutes – Go! (Jane, artist)
Death on the Mississippi (Louise Bourget)
Dead White Males (Monica Judd)
Antigone (Teiresia)
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Cybel)
RWTH Science Night 2016: Say Goodbye the English Way (Witch / Cigarette addict / Teacher)
A Tomb with a View (Co-director/Backstage)
RWTH Science Night 2017: Keep It Short – A Night of Short Plays (Wanda)
Macbeth (MacDuff/ Banquo/ Apparitions)
Nightfall with Edgar Allan Poe (Backstage)

Favorite Quotes:
“That’s why they are called ‘lessons’. Because they lessen from day to day!“ Gryphon, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
“Are you a black horse with white stripes, or a white horse with black stripes?“ Cybel, Jekyll & Hyde
“How do you spell ‘outrage‘? One ‘Y‘ or two?“ – “One, you illiterate!“ Lucien and Emily, A Tomb with a View

Favorite backstage snack:
Jelly fruits (Tropifrutti), chocolate marshmallows

Actor’s Nausea in three words:
Dedication, fun, enthusiasm

The hardest part so far:
Alice’s final growing at the end of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

The best part so far:
The stage, costumes and props of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the authentic Seventies dresses in A Tomb With a View

The “Coffee Battles” with Julia Fink are unforgettable. Though she left us for being part of the Solitary Company, I’m still here and still a coffee addict, so: who’s next to meet the challenge?
I am very much into details when it comes to props. Alice’s cookies actually had the words “Eat me!” on them, and the Weird Sisters’ “pilot’s thumb” really was a finger made from almond paste, meticulously modelled by our lovely cast member Natasha. Such details won’t ever be seen from the audience, but I believe that most actors enjoy using thoroughly designed props. At least Néo does – ask for the hedgehogs…

Greetings to:
Our loyal and constant audience, the numerous supporters and helping hands, our present and former members and everyone whose enthusiasm has guided us through the years. You rock!